Data Science for Oil & Gas

OAG Analytics uses proprietary data science to enable oil companies and investors to:

  • Design better wells

  • Better predict cash flows

  • Allocate capital more efficiently

  • Value asset portfolios more accurately

Our patent-pending SaaS product is available on a subscription-basis



Across the globe, oil and gas reservoirs are producing higher volumes of complex data than ever before


This is creating three fundamental problems:


Underutilized Data
Attempts to tame today's unconventional reservoir data are causing increasing amounts of unproductive time for highly constrained resources like geoscientists and petroleum engineers, especially in firms with multiple areas of interest (AOI's)

Ineffective Analytics
Scatter (XY) plot and regression loyalists are falling further behind their peers who are applying advanced techniques to extract actionable insights from their existing data

Operational Obstacles
Applying advanced analysis techniques like machine learning to high consequence industrial decisions is much harder than in most consumer domains like search, social media, and retail



OAG has developed one of the most advanced oil and gas focused analytics platforms available today. Working with several leading U.S. oil companies, OAG developed software to analyze large volumes of existing data and provide actionable insights that were previously inaccessible. Whether evaluating assets or better understanding investment risks, OAG’s purpose-built workflow provides highly leveragable data analytics capabilities to asset teams and investors.

The OAG Insights Workflow™ integrates geophysical, geological, drilling, completion, location, production, and financial data. We then apply proprietary machine learning algorithms and supercomputing resources to find hidden signals in existing data that are inaccessible by traditional means. The resulting machine learning models interface with our purpose built software to provide deep analytic insights that reduce underperforming wells, improve EUR calculations, and provide independent reserve assessments.