OAG Analytics enables engineers and scientists to use 1,000x more data and 1,000x more compute to optimize workflows


Subsurface Mapping & Insights
Quantify and improve the value of existing rock data and physical models


Placement & Design Optimization
Optimize location, landing zone, spacing, design, production, and profitability


Acreage & Equipment
Identify undervalued acreage and predict equipment failures

OAG's AI Platform gives you more time to evaluate options and make critical decisions


Create a single dataset from any combination of your upstream data in minutes

"OAG reduced our data wrangling time by 12x"
Sr. Reservoir Engineer, Permian Basin


Create and validate world-class AI and machine learning models in minutes without writing code

"OAG's Data Science team taught us how to use AI to optimize our drilling program in eight weeks"
Asset Manager, Utica Basin


Evaluate millions of scenarios before deploying capital with the most accurate pre-drill estimates in the industry

"Our subsurface team identified insights to reduce costs by 27% annually using OAG's AI Simulator"
CEO, Anadarko Basin

Within three months of deploying OAG software to well optimization workflows, we cut costs by greater than 10% per well across our entire drilling program.

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