OAG AI Improves Decision Making

Engineers and scientists frequently make multi-million dollar decisions that impact production. OAG AI enables teams to use 1,000x more data to optimize earth models and evaluate numerous completions before drilling, resulting in more capitally efficient wells.

OAG is the Only 100% Oil & Gas Focused AI Platform

OAG's AI Platform enables engineers and scientists to rapidly train AI:

Full Stack: Design, develop, and operationalize powerful AI without writing code, buying servers, or hiring

Flexible: Rock, well, and asset use cases

SaaS: Cloud deployment enables easy web-based access to unlimited storage and compute

Transparency & Control: Trusting insights from advanced analytics requires control of what data is being analyzed and the ability to "challenge the machine" through the lens of physics and first principals. No one trusts a black box!

OAG recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising Technology Solution Providers

By CIO Review | 2018

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Use OAG for Better Decisions


Improve Subsurface Knowledge

Existing geophysical data and subsurface maps provide the foundation upon which AI can improve human understanding. Use OAG AI to:

  • Analyze seismic, log and core data
  • Quantify dominant system drivers
  • Create subsurface maps


Placement and Design Optimization

AI finds additional uplift options that humans cannot. Integrated data sets, composed of your rock, drilling, completion, and production data, inform highly accurate pre-drill estimates to improve profitability. Generate production estimates by changing inputs while holding well location and design constant.

OAG AI combines data and physics to provide insights into:

  • Optimal completions
  • Well spacing
  • Landing zone
  • High grading
  • Operational planning/timing


SMEs define scenarios to ensure valid physics

  • Combine 1,000 times more subsurface, drilling, completion and production data with OAG AI to inform highly accurate pre-drill estimates that improve profitability
  • Identify uplift opportunities from increased stimulation and improved IRRs from decreased cost
  • OAG AI delineates acreage and identifies areas that could be more profitable with a different completion

20 of 20 Anadarko Basin scientists and engineers agreed, "our earth models and wells are better with OAG AI than without"