Data Science for Oil & Gas


OAG's Outcome Oriented Data Science Makes Big, Complex Data Comprehensible to the Human Mind



Our platform integrates geophysical, geological, drilling, completion, location, production, and financial data



We apply proprietary machine learning algorithms that are able to make sense of complex data that is beyond the reach of the human mind and traditional analytics tools


OAG worked closely with leading US operators to develop our patent pending technology platform called the OAG Insights Workflow™ that is purpose built to provide actionable insights to oilfield decision makers

Our direct access Insights Workflow™ is one of the most advanced oil and gas focused analytics platforms available today

Outcome Oriented Data Science

Raw Data

Understanding today's highly complex upstream data is beyond the reach of the human mind and traditional analytics tools

OAG Insights

Extracting meaningful "hidden signals" from highly complex data is the foundation of OAG's transformational core planning solutions


The following capabilities are at the core of OAG's ability to enable oil companies to better predict cash flows, allocate capital more efficiently, and value their portfolio of assets more accurately


Feature Engineering

We maximize the value of each parameter in every dataset by testing virtually every way that data can be represented to a computer

Dimensionality Reduction

Our industry leading machine learning models are able to predict outcomes and explain "why" because of how effectively they navigate complex webs of highly autocorrelated data

Quantifying Uncertainty

Our patent pending machine learning model validation process enables domain experts to confidently include OAG Insights in their high consequence decisons