Cloud compute, big data, and AI are enabling oil & gas companies to increase production and decrease costs by using 1,000x more data to inform capital allocation decisions. We developed the OAG AI Platform with subsurface scientists and engineers to enable upstream asset teams to train AI without having to write code (or wait for someone else to).


OAG Analytics enables you to use 1,000x more data and 1,000x more compute to find correlations that we humans can't. Automated data cleaning and normalization significantly reduces cycle time, enabling subsurface professionals to spend more time making decisions and less time wrangling data. Automated data updates ensures decisions are informed by the most current data. Universal data access breaks down silos and promotes collaboration, which leads to even better results.


AI and machine learning is the most accurate way to estimate oil, gas, and water production for any well design anywhere in a basin. Purpose built features maximize synergies between physics and data science. OAG AI generates 1,000+ machine learning models for every data set and then selects the optimal model for the specific use case. There is no programming required and cloud compute ensures unlimited scalability. Subsurface professionals are able to create and validate world class models in minutes, not days.


Typical upstream workflows estimate the average production of 1-10 wells in a 25 to 100 square mile "type curve area." The same well design results in highly variable performance across most of these areas, limiting the value of an average production estimate on optimization. A top goal of most asset teams is to "tighten the distribution around better performing wells."

OAG's Any Well Anywhereâ„¢ capability estimates the production and capital efficiency of millions of well designs, rapidly highlighting acreage with the highest uplift potential.

Upstream subject matter experts define the simulation to ensure valid physics. The dots on this map represent existing wells. The yellow areas show where a different completion would get a lot more oil & gas out of the ground.

OAG AI enables asset teams to evaluate millions of scenarios before deploying capital.